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PGCAR Online Course Policy

Online Courses Now Offered for Several States
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Course Time Limits
The course must successfully be completed within one (1) year of purchase by the student. Successful completion includes receiving a passing grade on the final exam. (See following "Exams" section for details.)

You will receive credit toward your license renewal for the licensing cycle in which you successfully complete the final exam.

Students must complete the instructional module or modules and receive a passing grade of 70% or higher on a final examination.

If the student fails initially to achieve a passing score on a final examination, the student shall successfully pass the examination within one (1) calendar month from the time the first final exam was taken to use the course for continuing education credit. (For example: if you first take the final exam on July 15 and do not receive a passing grade, you have until August 15 to retake and pass the exam.)

Questions on course content or exam will be addressed within 2 business days by Larry Hudson at 410-721-7625.

Student Affidavit
All students must complete the student affidavit and return it to PGCAR's education department within one (1) calendar month of completing the course and receiving a passing grade on the exam to receive continuing education credit hours through PGCAR.

For MD license renewal: Affidavits must be received by PGCAR AT LEAST five (5) business days prior to your license expiration date to ensure all courses are completed in time for renewal.

For DC license renewal: Affidavits must be received by PGCAR no later than August 15, 2017 for the 2015 - 2017 agent license renewal cycle, and no later than February 15, 2017 for the 2015 - 2017 broker license renewal cycle.

Certificate of Completion
Once PGCAR receives your student affidavit, you will receive from PGCAR a stamped "Certificate of Completion" for the course. SAVE ALL YOUR CERTIFICATES! If you are audited you will need your certificate as proof to the commission that you successfully completed your license renewal requirements.

No refunds will be given unless there are un-resolvable technological issues. To request a refund, contact PGCAR at 301.306.7900 or No refunds will be given under any circumstances if the course has been completed.

Computer and Browser Requirements
Our online courses require an internet connection of 56K modem or greater, at least 800 x 600 screen resolution, sufficient memory to run system software, and an internet browser.

Compatible browsers for Windows include Internet Explorer 10 or newer, Google Chrome version 35 or newer, or Mozilla Firefox version 4.0 or newer; for Mac, the current version of Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. For an iPad, use the current Safari browser; for an Android tablet, Google Chrome version 35 or newer (not necessarily the default browser); and for a Windows tablet, Google Chrome 35 or newer, or Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or newer.

We highly recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience. It is always a good idea to update to the most recent version of your browser for an optimal experience.

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